Interview with the Director, Cinematographer, and Producer of Bleached Bones Avenue [OAFF 2020]

Bleached Bones Avenue is director Akio Fujimoto’s follow-up to his drama Passage of Life (2017). It is another film that looks at the shared links between Japan and Myanmar but this time, instead of a […]

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Honeygiver Among the Dogs (Bhutan, 2016)

Dechen Roder’s debut feature Honeygiver Among the Dogs is quite a unique film whose particular charm depends on its blend of seemingly incompatible approaches. Present in the film are enduring elements of neo noir (femme […]

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Mirror Image (Taiwan, 2001)

Often a cinematic space for depicting low-level criminality or financial desperation, the pawn shop becomes a place to ruminate on fate in Hsiao Ya-chuan’s amiable debut feature. Produced under the auspices of Taiwanese master Hou […]

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Bleached Bones Avenue (Japan, 2020) [OAFF 2020]

Bleached Bones Avenue is the latest title from director Akio Fujimoto. On the face of it, this short is a curious follow-up to his previous work, the family drama Passage of Life (2017), but it continues to examine […]

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Hammock (Japan, 2018) [OAFF 2020]

Kentaro Kishi is a multi-hyphenate talent who works as a writer, director, cinematographer and actor. His efforts stretch across genres, from splatter movies like Tokyo Gore Police (2008) and The Machine Girl (2008) to indie dramas The Sower (2016), Noise and Passage of Life (2017). […]

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Korean Film Nights Goes Online with Trapped! The Cinema of Confinement from July 17 – August 27

Korean Cultural Centre UK and Birkbeck, University of London continue their collaboration with a new season of Korean Film Nights. This time the season, curated by a collective of MA students from Birkbeck, responds to […]

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