Interview with Satoko Yokohama, Director of Ito [OAFF 2021]

While getting a World Premiere in the Competition section of Osaka Asian Film Festival 2021 indicates the quality of Satoko Yokohama’s latest film Ito, herwork also ended up taking two high-profile accolades at the event […]

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Ito (Japan, 2021) [OAFF 2021]

Winner of the Grand Prix and Audience Award at the Osaka Asian Film Festival 2021, Ito is a crowd-pleaser with a lot of heart. It was adapted for the screen by director Satoko Yokohama from the first in a […]

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Pacific Arts Movement’s 10th Spring Showcase to Feature the “Freshest Asian Cinema” in a Celebration of Asian Identity

In a 15-film collection, Pacific Art Movement’s 10th San Diego Asian Film Festival (SDAFF) Spring Showcase will celebrate Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander identity while highlighting stories from communities whose experiences are often unrecognized. […]

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Interview with Hiroshi Gokan, Director of Gotō-san [OAFF 2021]

The Osaka Asian Film Festival has a number of sidebars and one of the more exciting is dedicated to works supported by the Housen Cultural Foundation, a funding body that provides support to students at […]

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Gotō-san (Japan, 2020) [OAFF 2021]

Don’t be fooled by the light tone, Gotō-san is both dark and deep in its politics. It sees director Hiroshi Gokan using offbeat characters in a less-than-ordinary setting to smuggle through an expose of the […]

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Beyond the Dream (Hong Kong, 2019) [Focus Hong Kong 2021]

Mental illness has always been a difficult subject to handle on the silver screen. Sadly, many films of the past have abused it by using mental illness either as a simple placeholder for a character […]

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