Petal Dance (Japan, 2013)

Hiroshi Ishikawa has made three films in eleven years. From his debut feature Tokyo.sora (2002) through Su-ki-da (2006) to his most recent film Petal Dance, he has favoured exploring the concept of loneliness and all of the […]

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Juon: The Beginning of the End (Japan, 2014)

Over the past sixteen years the lucrative Juon franchise has produced eight Japanese movies and three English-language remakes, becoming one of the cornerstones of the Japanese horror industry. Original creator Takashi Shimizu stepped down in […]

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Li Wen at East Lake (China, 2015) [Chinese Visual Festival 2016]

Li Luo has quietly become a name to watch on the festival circuit for the increasing confidence with which his films have collapsed fact and fiction to ruminate on how individuals negotiate time, place, ideology, […]

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A Young Patriot (China, 2015) [Chinese Visual Festival 2016]

What is patriotism and what does contemporary patriotism look like? How does the idealism of youth hold up against the complexities of reality and the violence of history? In A Young Patriot, a documentary that […]

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Zinnia Flower (Taiwan, 2015) [Chinese Visual Festival 2016]

Exquisitely crafted yet emotionally turbulent, Zinnia Flower is a sincere meditation on loss that bravely denies its audience the expected catharsis to instead acknowledge the fact that bereaved parties may never completely come to terms with tragedy. […]

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Thanatos, Drunk (Taiwan, 2015) [Chinese Visual Festival 2016]

Thanatos, Drunk is the sort of film that divides the audience. Helmed by Chang Tso-chi, one of Taiwan’s most promising (and controversial) auteurs, Thanatos, Drunk, with its lyrical title, hints at signs of poetic profundity […]

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