Bonus Episode 9: Zipangu Fest 2011 Special

Welcome to our second annual podcast episode covering the Zipangu Festival in London.  This year’s festival ran from November 18th – 24th, 2011 in London and, much like last year’s, featured films both contemporary and classic and from a wide spectrum of genres.  In this episode, we interview the following filmmakers and people involved with the festival:

  • Jasper Sharp: Jasper is the Director and Chief Curator of the festival and author of the book Behind the Pink Curtain: The Complete History of Japanese Sex Cinema (FAB Press, 2008)
  • Neil Cantwell, Tim Grabham, Ta2mi: Neil and Tim produced KanZeOn, a 2011 documentary about the role of sound and music in Buddhism and their dissemination into everyday Japanese life.  Ta2mi is a hip-hop DJ, beatboxer, and Buddhist priest who appears in the film.  Ta2mi also gives a banging impromptu beatbox performance of the traditional Japanese folk song “Sakura”.
  • Shinpei Takeda: Tijuana-based Takeda is an artist and filmmaker whose deeply affecting 2009 documentary Hiroshima Nagasaki Download starts as a project to interview World War II A-Bomb survivors becomes a personal journey of memory and experience.


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