Bonus Episode 7: Interview with Johnny Nguyen and Veronica Ngo of Clash

Oh, woe is me that I missed almost the entire San Francisco International Asian-American Film Festival that happened from March 10th to the 20th, but friend of VCinema, Michael Guillen, was kind enough to donate an interview that he conducted with festival guests  Johnny Nguyen and Veronica Ngo, stars of the 2009 Vietnamese action film Bay Rong, also known in the West as Clash.  Johnny and Veronica were also in the wildly popular 2007 film The Rebel, directed by Johnny’s brother Charlie Nguyen.  The two talk to Michael about the production of these films as well as their positions in the oncoming new Vietnamese cinema and other topics.

Michael Guillen is a member of the San Francisco Film Critics Circle and has blogged as The Evening Class since 2006.  Michael has also been a contributing writer to such online sites as Twitch, SF360, Greencine, MUBI, and Fandor.  His magazine work includes Film International, movieScope, Fangoria and Ray.


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