The Third Wife (Vietnam, 2018) [VIFF 2018]

Ash Mayfair brings Vietnamese cinema to the world stage with her striking feature debut The Third Wife. While the nuances of 19th century Vietnam culture might not be fully appreciated by most viewers (myself included), […]

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on Oct, 06 · in Reviews

Missing Johnny (Taiwan, 2017) [NYAFF 2018]

A cardinal rule in contemporary Taiwan cinema is that Hou Hsiao-hsien can simply do no wrong. Seeing his name grace a film’s opening credits is probably the most accurate litmus test for cinematic quality, and […]

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on Jul, 06 · in Reviews

Alifu, the Prince/ss (Taiwan, 2017) [CVF 2018]

As diversity and representation continues flourish as a growing issue on the global stage, cinema has taken a front seat in sharing stories of those who rarely get heard. In recent years, we have seen […]

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on May, 04 · in Reviews

Paradox (Hong Kong, 2017)

Walking out of Paradox (aka SPL 3), I had one nagging question in my head: why was this movie made? The supposed third installation to the SPL series just puzzles me on so many levels. Like […]

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on Apr, 17 · in Reviews


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