Ip Man 3 (Hong Kong, 2015)

The filmmakers who first brought the legendary Ip Man to the screen and kicked off a newfound resurgence of both Wing Chun and it’s most famous exponent return 5 years later to round off a […]

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Chinese Zodiac (China/Hong Kong, 2012)

Chinese Zodiac, or CZ12 as it is known internationally is, in Jackie Chan’s own words, his “last big action movie” as he takes steps to¬† alter his public persona while peppering his filmography with more […]

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Accident (Hong Kong, 2009)

Stamped with the Milky Way seal of approval and coming from a director on a hot streak of strange, brutal but unique films,¬†Accident sets to work with confident and polished story-telling, a couple of Johnnie […]

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The Avenging Fist (Hong Kong, 2001)

Produced initially as a film based on the popular video game fighting franchise Tekken, The Avenging Fist was almost instantly slapped with a lawsuit and resurfaced with only minor leftovers to hint at its video […]

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