Ip Man 3 (Hong Kong, 2015)

The filmmakers who first brought the legendary Ip Man to the screen and kicked off a newfound resurgence of both Wing Chun and it’s most famous exponent return 5 years later to round off a […]

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Chinese Zodiac (China/Hong Kong, 2012)

Chinese Zodiac, or CZ12 as it is known internationally is, in Jackie Chan’s own words, his “last big action movie” as he takes steps to  alter his public persona while peppering his filmography with more […]

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Accident (Hong Kong, 2009)

Stamped with the Milky Way seal of approval and coming from a director on a hot streak of strange, brutal but unique films, Accident sets to work with confident and polished story-telling, a couple of Johnnie […]

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The Avenging Fist (Hong Kong, 2001)

Produced initially as a film based on the popular video game fighting franchise Tekken, The Avenging Fist was almost instantly slapped with a lawsuit and resurfaced with only minor leftovers to hint at its video […]

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