The East State Wind Farm (China, 2009)

The East State Wind Farm,​ a documentary using interviews as primary sources, interspersed with animated sequence, continues Hu Jie’s mission to expose the horrors and lasting legacy of Maoist China. In this entry, the testimony […]

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A Way Out (China, 2017) [CVF/BFI Southbank Chinese New Year 2019]

A Way Out, a documentary directed Zheng Qiong and officially released in 2016 in China, has gained traction due to its newfound buzz in Chinese media and theater showings will continue across China in 2019. […]

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on Jan, 16 · in Reviews

Family in the Bubble (Finland/South Korea, 2017) [Real Asian 2018]

Director Minji Ma’s opening scenes, time-lapsed panoramic shots of downtown Seoul, South Korea, suggest a humming and pristine prosperity full of kinetic energy, but the forward momentum of her images is halted only by her […]

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Around India with a Movie Camera (UK, 2018)

In the not too distant past, the average school child in the United Kingdom was taught that the sun never sets on the British Empire. For centuries, such official ideology planted the assumptions of superiority […]

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