Secret Zoo (South Korea, 2020) [NYAFF 2020]

Based on the webcomic series Haechijiana by Hun that ran from 2011 to 2012, Secret Zoo is a charming and delightful comedy about a zoo struggling to stay afloat. The film, directed by Son Jae-gon, is […]

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The Gun (Japan, 2018) [NYAFF 2019]

On a dark and rainy night, college student Toru Nishikawa (Murakami Nijiro) comes across a handgun. Without much thought, he picks it up and takes it to his home. Later he sees a television news […]

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Ramen Shop (France/Japan/Singapore, 2018) [JAPAN CUTS 2018]

Masato Yamamoto (Takumi Saitoh) is a young man of mixed ancestry. His emotionally distant father, a ramen cook for whom Masato works in the city of Takasaki, is Japanese; his long-deceased mother was Chinese. His […]

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Gatao 2: Rise of the King (Taiwan, 2018) [NYAFF 2018]

Gatao 2: Rise of the King is nominally a sequel to Gatao, the 2015 Taiwanese film directed by Joe C. Lee Wan-Kit. But, as the film is described in New York Asian Film Festival publicity […]

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