Ala Changso (China, 2018)

It took me three days to finish Ala Changso, just because I could not stop pulling back the progress bar and seeing every long hand-hold take again and again so as to figured out and […]

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Blind Way (China, 2018)

More than ten years after his controversial features Blind Shaft (2003) and Blind Mountain (2007), Li Yang returns with Blind Way, the final chapter of his underclass trilogy. Li’s camera has always focused on the […]

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Seventy-Seven Days (China, 2017)

Directed by and starring Zhao Hantang, Seventy-Seven Days is based on Yang Liusong’s semi-autobiographical 2011 novel Chang Tang, Super Wasteland, which tells an ambiguous story in Tibet involving lonely hiker Yang  Liusong and a hemiplegic […]

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Long Live the Mistress! (China, 1947)

From the perspective of gender studies, discussing about an impressive female protagonist is often controversial. As an enlightened and maverick “new women” of old Shanghai, Eileen Chang, the screenwriter of Long Live the Mistress!, was […]

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