Ta’ang (China, 2016)

‘Better not to talk about, it’s so painful,’ says one Ta’ang woman at one point in Wang Bing’s most recent documentary about the Ta’ang ethnic group, local to a border zone between the Kokang region […]

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Close-Knit (Japan, 2017) [NYAFF 2017]

It has been five years since Naoko Ogigami’s last film, but her latest continues the thematic strand of challenging normative notions of belonging and finding/forging a space of one’s own — on one’s terms — […]

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Kim Ki-young’s Cinema-as-Plague: The ‘Housemaid’ Trilogy’s Domestic Theatre of Cruelty

Images of stairs have been a personal fascination, be it in photography or cinema. To be more precise, I have been drawn to threshold spaces such as door/ways, hallways, and staircases ever since I can […]

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Cartographic Acts & Spaces of Current (Independent) Philippine Filmmaking, Part 3

A review of select titles of the series ‘A New Golden Age: Contemporary Philippine Cinema’ at the Museum of Modern Art, June 1-25. The inside-outside divide denoting intra-/inter-national movement and migration in the following Philippine films […]

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