In the Land of Lost Angels (USA, 2019)

An ill brother back home in Mongolia prompts a lie that is the point of departure for writer-director Bishrel Mashbat’s riveting and impressive debut feature. In an early scene, Ankhaa (Erdenemunkh Tumursukh) speaks to his […]

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Along the Sea (Japan/Vietnam, 2020)

A Vietnam-Japan co-production, Along the Sea follows three young Vietnamese women, in the dark of the night, in Japan, who leave with their belongings to go by train, by ferry, and then by car to […]

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Me and the Cult Leader (Japan, 2020) [SDAFF 2020]

The full Japanese title of Sakahara Atsushi’s first feature-length documentary is 贖い: 悪の陳腐さに関する新たな報告 (Aganai: aku no chinpusa ni kansuru aratana hokokui), which can be translated roughly as “Atonement: new report on the banality of evil.” […]

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Archiving Time (Taiwan, 2019) [SDAFF 2020]

Produced by the Taiwan Film Institute (TFI) and helmed by director-cinematographer Lu Yuan-chi, Archiving Time is an engaging documentary look into TFI’s mission and around-the-clock activities of film preservation and restoration. Given that TFI itself […]

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