Noodle Kid (China/Taiwan, 2019) [LAAPFF 2020]

For the Muslim Hui community in Qinghai Province, located in northwestern China, a frequent trajectory for adolescents has been to stop their primary schooling in their hometown and apprentice at a noodle restaurant in order […]

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Chasing Dream (Hong Kong/China, 2019) [NYAFF 2020]

For those who are familiar with the filmography of Hong Kong auteur Johnnie To, Chasing Dream is less of a surprise in terms of its narrative, imagery, and performance styles, among other things, than in […]

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Outcry and Whisper (Hong Kong/China, 2020)

For their latest film collaboration, documentarian Huang Wenhai (credited as Wen Hai) and activist Zeng Jinyan as co-directors, alongside Trish McAdams’ animation, present a veritable collage of women’s perspectives and experiences on sociopolitical activism across […]

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Chinese Portrait (China, 2018)

Though Chinese Portrait is his first documentary film, Wang Xiaoshuai is no stranger to what can be called documentary realism. Particularly in his early films of the 1990s such as The Days (1993, his directorial […]

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