Of Shadows (China/Canada, 2016)

Shot in Huanxian County, Yi Cui’s feature debut captures the art of shadow play, also known as shadow puppetry, and its place in this northeast part of an ever globalising and modernising China. The local […]

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on Oct, 01 · in Reviews

Sea of Mirrors (Macao/Japan, 2019)

Singaporean filmmaker Thomas Lim’s latest feature is a veritable transnational and translocal work: set between Macau and Los Angeles and involving a multilingual cast, it presents a neo-noir tale that, on the surface, concerns a […]

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on Sep, 10 · in Reviews

Cowboy Joe (USA, 2018)

Though only a film of under six minutes, Jingjing Tian’s Cowboy Joe can be divided into two distinct parts. The first part is in the vein of the Asian American cinema canon and its perennial […]

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on Aug, 09 · in Reviews

Night Cruising (Japan, 2019) [JAPAN CUTS 2019]

The opening sequence of Makoto Sasaki’s documentary is undoubtedly its boldest and most intriguing moment: for thirteen minutes, the screen is utterly black while the clear and detailed audio of voices and sound effects narrates […]

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on Jul, 26 · in Reviews


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