Love Poem (Hong Kong, 2020)

For his second feature film Love Poem, independent filmmaker Wang Xiaozhen continues in the vein of comical, awkward frankness and highly self-reflexive form and performance established with his 2013 debut work Around that Winter. As […]

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on Jun, 17 · in Reviews

An Ant Strikes Back (Japan, 2019) [Nippon Connection ONLINE]

Tsuchiya Tokachi’s latest documentary work begins with startling details: from 2006 to 2017, it relates in captions, the staggering figure of more than five thousand people died of karoshi, or death due to overwork, in Japan. […]

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on Jun, 05 · in Reviews

Fukuoka (South Korea/Japan, 2019)

Korean-Chinese filmmaker Zhang Lu’s Fukuoka details two estranged friends, Je-moon (Yoon Je-moon) and Hae-hyo (Kwon Hae-hyo), who have not seen each other for nearly thirty years. They are unwittingly reunited in the titular Japanese city, […]

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Yellow Rose (Philippines/USA, 2019) [Reel Asian 2019]

The release of Diane Paragas’ debut feature film is all too timely, given the ongoing trauma and shock of immigration detention facilities being filled to the brim with undocumented immigrant families that have been broken […]

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