Me and the Cult Leader (Japan, 2020) [SDAFF 2020]

The full Japanese title of Sakahara Atsushi’s first feature-length documentary is 贖い: 悪の陳腐さに関する新たな報告 (Aganai: aku no chinpusa ni kansuru aratana hokokui), which can be translated roughly as “Atonement: new report on the banality of evil.” […]

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Archiving Time (Taiwan, 2019) [SDAFF 2020]

Produced by the Taiwan Film Institute (TFI) and helmed by director-cinematographer Lu Yuan-chi, Archiving Time is an engaging documentary look into TFI’s mission and around-the-clock activities of film preservation and restoration. Given that TFI itself […]

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The Woman Who Ran (South Korea, 2020) [SDAFF 2020]

The Woman Who Ran presents the significant details of being Hong Sang-soo’s twenty-fourth film in twenty-four years, which is certainly a feat for any filmmaker, established or aspiring. Yet just as important is the fact […]

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76 Days (USA, 2020) [LAAPFF 2020]

A documentary on the COVID-19 pandemic may seem a little premature since the entire world remains in the grip of it, however tight or loose that grip may be according to location. What would a […]

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