Observing the Absurdity: An Interview with Huang Hsin-yao

For his feature-length debut, Taiwanese filmmaker Huang Hsin-yao adapted his 2014 short film The Great Buddha – hence the feature’s cheeky title of The Great Buddha+ (2017), in the vein of corporate product naming. Prior […]

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9 at 38 (South Korea, 2017) [Tribeca Film Festival 2018]

On the road in a bus from South Korea to North Korea, it is 15 August 2015. This specific date marks not only Korean Independence Day, a national holiday shared by the north and south, […]

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A.W.: A Portrait of Apichatpong Weerasethakul (USA, 2018) and the feeling of images

Contrary to ‘formal’ biographical documentary films, Connor Jessup’s portrait of Thai filmmaker/multimedia artist Apichatpong ‘Joe’ Weerasethakul is a delicately woven home movie-like assemblage or collage, mixing Jessup’s footage with footage shot by A.W. himself during […]

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Nervous Translation (Philippines, 2017) and the tasks/processes of perception [New Directors/New Films 2018]

Between broad historical/temporal markers of random television news broadcasts of President Marcos and/against the ‘people’ or Typhoon Unsang and the ‘old-fashionedness’ of media objects (television set, telephone, radio/boombox, newspapers) in the film’s main location that […]

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