Cold Bloom (Japan, 2012) [BIFF 2012]

Tohoku. Fukushima. 3/11. Before the earthquake and tsunami that occurred last year, these places and this date would have had no meaning to a majority of the people around the world. After the disaster that […]

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Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay (Philippines, 2011) [BIFF 2012]

It’s odd the way fame or at least the desire for it can fuel people to degrade themselves for recognition. Within the performing arts, this particular ailment for acknowledgement is great. Money may buy happiness, […]

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Rent-a-Cat (Japan, 2012)

‘Rentaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . . . . . .  neko!’ That is the call repeated throughout Naoko Ogigami’s (Kamome Diner; Toilet) latest film Rent-a-Cat, a calling out of ones wares for sale – in this case for rent […]

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Japanese Literary “monkey business”

On a recent trip to Hiroshima to see my wife’s cousins, we went to a department store so my wife could purchase the latest advancements in Tamagotchi technology.  To buy time while she and our nieces compared gadgets, I […]

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