Yappie – YouTube Original Web Series (USA, 2018)

A word that can mean two very different things in a romantic setting is ‘safe;’ it is either the affirmation of attachment (as in “you make me feel safe”) or the alternate for ‘boring’ (as […]

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The Chinese Exclusion Act (USA, 2018)

At the historic completion of the construction of the Transcontinental Railway in 1869, Promontory, Utah, the Chinese laborers who did the majority of the work in the West were not allowed in the famous Golden […]

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Parachute Homes: Maineland & Where Are You From (Both USA, 2017)

“Parachute Kids” is a term that denotes “children sent to a new country to live alone or with a caregiver while their parents remain in their home country,” at least according to Urban Dictionary.[1] The […]

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Bashu, the Little Stranger (Iran, 1989)

After the screening of his seminal work of Iranian and world cinema at the UCLA Film and TV Archive, Bashu, the Little Stranger, Iranian filmmaker Bahram Beyzaie explained that the film, although spoken in two […]

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