Winter After Winter (China, 2019) [NYAFF 2019]

Following his successful first feature Seven Days (2015), Xing Jian continues his masterful use of black and white in Winter After Winter. Set in 1944 during the occupation of Manchuria when the Japanese were searching […]

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on Jul, 07 · in Reviews

The Rib (China, 2018) [CVF 2019]

It is through the lens of independent filmmakers like Zhang Wei that we learn a lot about a country’s preoccupations, its neglect and politics towards its marginal citizens. This director has never shied away from […]

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on Apr, 27 · in Reviews

The Enigma of Arrival (China, 2018)

From the start of The Enigma of Arrival, we are guided through a maze of superimposed and dreamy scenes by the languorous voice of the narrator, San Pi (Liu Weibo). The prologue begins with a […]

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