Knife in the Clear Water (China, 2016)

Knife in the Clear Water is set in Ningxia, northwest of China, in a remote mountainous village called Xihaigu. As an independent filmmaker, Wang Xuebo wanted to ensure the authenticity of the production by casting […]

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Lost Lotus (Hong Kong/Netherlands, 2019)

In her first feature Lotus (2012), journalist turned independent filmmaker Liu Shu took the patriarchal pressure on women in China as a microcosm of the nation’s centralized power. It’s a theme that she elaborates on in her […]

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Wisdom Tooth (China, 2019)

“The sky was blue, the air was good and life was slow and easy …” This is Wisdom Tooth director Liang Ming’s recollection of his childhood in northeast province of Heilongjiang in the 1960s. Thirty […]

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The Fall (China, 2018)

After working in a coal mine and on a ship for over ten years, Zhou Lidong became a businessman. At the age of fifty, he started to find business boring and the idea of making […]

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