Night Is Short, Walk on Girl (Japan, 2017) [JAPAN CUTS 2018]

The endless fascination that anime, and media more broadly, has with the experience of girlhood knows no bounds. From the magical girls of Puella Magi Madoka Magica or Cardcaptor Sakura to the far more empowered […]

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on Jul, 19 · in Reviews

A Thousand and One Nights (Japan, 1969) & Cleopatra (Japan, 1970)

In most books devoted to anime you will find numerous references to the work of Osamu Tezuka. Most famous for his creation of Astro Boy, Tezuka’s work is one of the key definers of modern […]

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on Jun, 17 · in Reviews

Go For Broke: An Origin Story (USA, 2017) [CAAMFest 2018]

The opening of Go for Broke: An Origin Story is not the subtlest opening to have graced cinema. An image of an American flag and Japanese-American citizens passionately singing the national anthem set the tone […]

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Guangzhou Dream Factory (USA, 2017)

When documentarian and social commentator Christiane Badgley went to try to replace a locally-made kitchen knife she has bought in Ghana, she found something surprising. When she arrived at the market she found that the […]

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