Moving On (South Korea, 2019) [Reel Asian 2020]

Yoon Dan-bi is another addition in the increasing list of female South Korean directors that are making the international film festival circuit. Her feature film debut, Moving On, a story about a family connecting amid […]

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SF8, Episode 1 – “The Prayer” (South Korea, 2020)

Science Fiction is often considered a decidedly American invention. However untrue this statement may be, the cinematic representation of SF has, for most of its history, been dominated by American productions. On the small screen, […]

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on Oct, 25 · in Reviews

Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom (Bhutan, 2019) [NYAFF 2020]

A perception exist that Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness philosophy has made the country one of “the happiest places in the world,” but the reality is that an increasing number of young people are leaving the […]

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The Gangs, the Oscars, and the Walking Dead (Taiwan, 2019) [NYAFF 2020]

Feature films are hard to make. Sometimes, true artists sacrifice their health and sanity to see their dreams come alive on the big screen, and sometimes, like in Pin-Chuan Kao’s The Gangs, the Oscars, and […]

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