Bath House of Whales (Japan, 2019) [JAPAN CUTS 2020]

One of the films featured in this years JAPAN CUTS is Kiyama Mizuki’s stunningly imaginative animated short, Bath House of Whales. Running at just over 6 minutes, this short tells the story of a mother […]

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on Jul, 19 · in Reviews

Extro (Japan, 2020) [JAPAN CUTS 2020]

Film is a collaborative art form. Yet, the film industry is such that it elevates only few of its members to glory, while drowning the rest into relative anonymity and thanklessness. We give praise and […]

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on Jul, 15 · in Reviews

Breathless Animals (China, 2019)

Dreams are the memories of another life – or so the saying goes, whatever that may mean. If one could identify a subject for Lei Lei’s latest feature-length documentary, Breathless Animals, it would be the […]

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Forgiven Children (Japan, 2020) [Nippon Connection ONLINE]

How much should a child be responsible for his or her crimes? Is mob justice an acceptable substitute for an inept justice system? Can there be redemption for murder? There are no easy answers in […]

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on Jun, 14 · in Reviews


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