Beyond the Dream (Hong Kong, 2019) [Focus Hong Kong 2021]

Mental illness has always been a difficult subject to handle on the silver screen. Sadly, many films of the past have abused it by using mental illness either as a simple placeholder for a character […]

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on Apr, 08 · in Reviews

Farewell: Comedy of Life Begins with a Lie (Japan, 2020) [JFTFP 2021]

Post-war Japanese urban life was filled with chaos, confusion, and forays into a new kind of life unfamiliar to a war-torn nation. Izuru Narashima’s latest film Farewell: Comedy of Life Begins with a Lie is […]

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on Feb, 23 · in Reviews

Not Quite Dead Yet (Japan, 2020) [JFTFP 2021]

They say, be careful what you wish for, especially when what you wish is someone else’s death. You might just get it, and that’s not good for anyone. That is the subject of Shinji Hamazaki’s […]

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on Feb, 16 · in Reviews

Hope’s Home (USA, 2021) [SF IndieFest 2021]

Hope is about to take her first trip to China since she was an infant. She’s stunned by how little she remembers the place, and though she starts her journey with great anticipation, she finds […]

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on Jan, 28 · in Reviews


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