Go Back to China (USA, 2019) [SDAFF Spring Showcase 2019]

For her second feature, Go Back to China, writer/director Emily Ting delivers a lighthearted family drama that attempts to comment on the dynamics of a toxic father-daughter relationship, as well as on the elusive morality […]

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on Apr, 12 · in Reviews

Mishing (The Apparition) (India, 2018)

In Arunachal Pradesh, the northeastern-most state of India, the rural community of the Sherdukpen people believe that the spirits of the dead – or the almost-dead – can appear among the living and sometimes communicate […]

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on Mar, 23 · in Reviews

No. 3 (South Korea, 1997)

If one considers the 21st century as the definitive era of modern Korean cinema (aka New Korean Cinema), then the 1990s must serve as a transitional period, a breeding ground for cinematic experimentation that foreshadows […]

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on Mar, 17 · in Reviews


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