Ms. Purple (USA, 2019)

Ms. Purple sees actor-director Justin Chon returning to the Los Angeles Koreatown milieu of his well-received 2017 debut feature Gook, but the saturated stylistic texture here marks a departure from the arresting black-and-white aesthetic of […]

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on Sep, 20 · in Reviews

Bodies at Rest (China/Hong Kong, 2019)

One-time blockbuster purveyor Renny Harlin continues the China phase of his roller coaster career with Bodies at Rest, an efficient action-thriller that seems tailored for the director of Die Hard 2 (1990). Taking place in […]

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on Aug, 21 · in Reviews

Ghost of the Golden Groves (India, 2019) [LIFF 2019]

Comprised of two tales set deep in the Shonajhuri forest in rural Bengal, this fantastic debut feature from Aniket Dutta and Roshni Sen (playfully credited under the moniker of Harun-Al-Rashid) can be loosely categorized as […]

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on Jun, 14 · in Reviews

First Night Nerves (China/Hong Kong, 2018) [CVF 2019]

First Night Nerves finds internationally renowned Hong Kong auteur Stanley Kwan returning to the director’s chair following an extended hiatus. Perhaps in a calculated effort to undercut expectations that he will once again scale the […]

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on Apr, 28 · in Reviews


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