Trap Street (China, 2013)

Boy meets girl only for state to spy on boy in Trap Street, a stealthy exercise in surveillance state paranoia that marked the directorial debut of Vivian Qu who has since won plaudits for her […]

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on Oct, 16 · in Reviews

Lush Reeds (China, 2018) [VIFF 2018]

A socially conscious journalist ventures out from the metropolitan center to pursue a human rights story only to dig deeper into herself in Yang Yishu’s second narrative feature. Pivoted on a quietly riveting performance from […]

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on Sep, 30 · in Reviews

A Land Imagined (Singapore/France/Netherlands, 2018) [VIFF 2018]

Yeo Siew Hua’s post-global neo noir A Land Imagined ostensibly revolves around a police detective investigating the disappearance of a Chinese migrant worker in Singapore but it’s true concern is the city-state’s multifaceted identity in […]

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The Road Not Taken (China, 2018)

As a location for contemporary-set films, the vast plains of the Gobi Desert have been used to menacing effect in Gao Qunshu’s quasi-Western Wind Blast (2010) and Ning Hao’s black comedy No Man’s Land (2013), […]

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