Uzumasa Limelight (Japan, 2014)

Ken Ochiai’s nostalgic character study Uzumasa Limelight is a welcome Japanese entry in a minor but surprisingly varied category of movies about stunt performers, which includes the Burt Reynolds vehicle Hooper (1978), Richard Rush’s cult […]

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on Apr, 18 · in Reviews

The Bookworm Literary Festival 2016: Catching Up with Beijing’s LGBT Community

2015 was so tumultuous for Beijing’s LGBT community that this year’s Bookworm Literary Festival devoted a panel to the recent trials and triumphs of the movement, which have ranged from short prison terms for feminist […]

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on Apr, 15 · in Features

The Bookworm Literary Festival 2016: Political Satire and Organised Dissent in Hong Kong

This second report on the Bookworm Literary Festival 2016 focuses on two talks on the fluctuating political climate of Hong Kong from guests who have chronicled the transitions of the former colony via mainstream media and […]

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on Apr, 07 · in Features

Live from UB (USA, 2014) [Asia House Film Festival 2016]

Music documentaries are often as concerned with seismic political shifts as they are with their ostensible mission of chronicling the tribulations of a particular artist, group, or scene. The hardcore nihilism of The Decline of […]

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