Pumpkin and Mayonnaise (Japan, 2017) [Japan Foundation Film Tour 2019]

Masanori Tominaga’s relationship drama Pumpin and Mayonnaise is a determinedly low-key affair that shows a fair amount of questionable behavior within its succinct 90 minute running time without ever taking sides. Based on a manga […]

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My Friend ‘A’ (Japan, 2018) [Japan Foundation Film Tour 2019]

After sensitively refuting prejudice towards the porn industry with The Lowlife (2017), prolific veteran filmmaker Takahisa Zeze now turns his attention to the scorn that continues to be aimed to criminals even after their debt […]

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Nightshooters (UK, 2018)

In the bloody tradition of 1996’s From Dusk ‘Til Dawn (1996) (bank robbers vs. vampires!) and 2015’s Green Room (punks vs. neo-Nazis!), the British action-comedy Nightshooters pits a crew of indie filmmakers against vicious gangsters […]

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Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy (China/Hong Kong, 2018)

The title of the Donnie Yen-less Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy suggests a martial arts equivalent of The Bourne Legacy (2012), the almost forgotten effort to extend the Jason Bourne series without star Matt […]

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