Running in Madness, Dying in Love (Japan, 1969)

Koji Wakamatsu’s erotic road movie Running in Madness, Dying in Love starts with a black-and-white montage of a protest rally at Shinjuku, where demonstrators are violently clashing with the police due to the renewal of […]

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on May, 18 · in Reviews

Dreaming Murakami (Denmark, 2017)

When it comes to translators of bestselling Japanese author and pop philosopher Haruki Murakami, readers of English editions will immediately think of Alfred Birnbaum, Philip Gabriel, and Jay Rubin, the latter of whom also wrote […]

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on May, 06 · in Reviews

Vampire Clay (Japan, 2017)

Following his contribution to the horror anthology The ABCs of Death 2 (2014), make-up artist turned director Soichi Umezama stretches his schlocky sensibility to feature length with Vampire Clay. Given that Umezama has been providing […]

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on Apr, 22 · in Reviews

Seven Years of Night (South Korea, 2018)

A slow burning guilt trip with notions of grandeur, Seven Years of Night finds director Choo Chang-min getting back behind the camera for the first time since his hugely popular period piece Masquerade (2012) to […]

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on Apr, 11 · in Reviews


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