Interview with Liu Xiaoran

The diverse cross-section of filmmakers that constitutes China’s documentary sector encompasses a range of backgrounds and motivations – some have received training through academic or industry channels while others are self-taught as a result of affordable […]

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on Nov, 17 · in Features,Interviews

Mountains May Depart (China, 2015)

It’s unlikely that Jia Zhangke will ever make a totally straight genre movie, but he has nonetheless been drawn to populist, even pulpy, narratives of late as a means of sketching his social commentaries. Jia’s […]

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K.O. (China, 2015)

The city of Ordos was catapulted to international attention in November 2009 when an Al Jazeera report depicted this subdivision of Inner Mongolia as a barely populated sprawl of looming buildings and ostentatious monuments that […]

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The Room (Japan, 1992)

Navigating the rental property market in a major city can be a patience testing experience, but Sion Sono turns the search for the right apartment into a sustained piece of existential dread with his minimalist black-and-white early […]

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