I Am Not Madam Bovary (China, 2016) [OAFF 2017]

I Am Not Madam Bovary is a Chinese film adapted for the screen by Liu Zhenyun from his 2012 novel, I Did Not Kill My Husband. The use of the name of Gustave Flaubert’s 19th […]

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BAMY (Japan, 2016) [OAFF 2017]

BAMY plays with the myth of the red string of fate – an unbreakable bond that ties people destined to be together – but posits that instead of this being something romantic or joyful, it […]

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Birdshot (Philippines/Qatar, 2016) [OAFF 2017]

Birdshot is the sophomore feature from writer-director Mikhail Red, winner of the Best New Director award at the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival for his debut Rekorder (2013). Red’s first feature was an urban crime […]

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Poetry Angel (Japan, 2016) [OAFF 2017]

Here’s a movie pitch which may not grab you: Poetry Angel is a film about a farmer and a schoolgirl in small-town Japan seeking a way to express themselves through the art of “Poetry Boxing.” Everything […]

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