Interview with Oudai Kojima, Director of JOINT [OAFF 2021]

While every country around the world has its organised crime gangs, few can rival the mystique and infamy of Japan’s Yakuza. Their style, codes, hierarchies, history, and full-body tattoos have long been the subject of […]

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JOINT (Japan, 2020) [OAFF 2021]

Oudai Kojima’s debut feature JOINT may not do anything new with its story of gangsters, loyalty and betrayal, but it’s imbued with an atmosphere so strong that it plunges the viewer into the criminal milieu alongside a […]

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Interview with yes, yes, yes Director Akihiko Yano [OAFF 2021]

I wish I were better at writing about acting because every now and then I watch a film where the performances are so astonishing that I am held spellbound and profoundly moved. In those situations, […]

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yes, yes, yes (Japan, 2021) [OAFF 2021]

Sometimes, the meaning of something can be found in the destruction of something else. So it goes in writer-director Akihiko Yano’s ensemble drama yes, yes, yes which depicts a family being reborn after enduring the anguish and […]

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