To Tokyo (UK, 2018)

British director Caspar Seale Jones and his team have made an impressive-looking debut that uses distinctly different landscapes to create a visually unique take on a familiar tale of a young woman facing past traumas […]

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Preview – Naomi Kawase: In Focus at the Open City Documentary Festival 2019

Naomi Kawase is one of two ‘In Focus’ directors at the Open City Documentary Festival 2019. She will be present at the London-based festival where she will take part in screenings of her works by […]

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Interview with Randen: The Comings and Goings on a Kyoto Tram Director Takuji Suzuki [OAFF 2019]

If you travel to Kyoto, then it is highly recommended that you try travelling from scenic Arashiyama to the bustling city centre by the Randen trams as they cut through many areas. They also prove […]

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A Japanese Boy Who Draws (Japan, 2018) [JAPAN CUTS 2019]

Masanao Kawajiri’s experimental animated short depicts the life of a boy aiming to achieve his dream of being a manga artist. It took the Runner-up Award for the Grand Prize at last year’s Pia Film Festival […]

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