Poetic Voices: A Trip Through the Taiwanese Avant-garde of the 1960s [Aperture 2019]

Presented as part the 2019 Aperture: Asia and Pacific Film Festival, “Poetic Voices: A Trip Through the Taiwanese Avant-garde of the 1960s” is a collection of four short films that were recently researched and restored […]

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on Jun, 23 · in Reviews

Bulbul Can Sing (India, 2018) [LIFF 2019]

Rima Das is a self-taught filmmaker from India’s Assam state who typically writes, shoots, and edits her own films. She often works with non-professional actors while her award-winning films have been shot in her home […]

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on Jun, 12 · in Reviews

The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil (South Korea, 2019)

“Don’t let the devil win!” reads the tag-line of Lee Won-Tae’s glossy thriller wherein a gangster and a loose cannon cop team-up to catch a serial killer. Apparently based on a true story, the film […]

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on Jun, 08 · in Reviews

Interview with Sisterhood Director Takashi Nishihara and Star Manami Usamaru [OAFF 2019]

With inequality on the rise worldwide and identity politics a hot topic issue, filmmakers everywhere have their work cut out trying to keep up with the changes in their respective societies and there is a […]

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on Jun, 06 · in Interviews


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