ULAM: Main Dish (USA, 2017) [AAIFF 2018]

Arguably, nothing unites folk more than food: transcending a means to survive, food has become one of those cultural practices defining us as on a national level; our cuisines root themselves in memory and trigger […]

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on Aug, 03 · in Reviews

Mori, The Artist’s Habitat (Japan, 2018) [JAPAN CUTS 2018]

Perhaps it is because of his emerging Western approach to painting, escaping the cruel clutches of Orientalism, but the work of Morikazu Kumagai is largely unknown in the West despite enjoying varying degrees of success […]

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on Jul, 26 · in Reviews

Dream of Illumination (Japan, 2017) [JAPAN CUTS 2018]

Retreating from the hustle of Tokyo’s megalopolis reveals the sleepy surroundings of towns and villages trapped in time. Populated by debt-ridden farmers the town of Rokujo is far removed from a world chaotically steamrolling towards […]

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on Jul, 23 · in Reviews

Blank 13 (Japan, 2017) [JAPAN CUTS 2018]

Bookending an immeasurable physical and emotional distance father and son stand atop a hospital roof, eyes meeting only out of necessity, silence reluctantly broken for the passing of pleasantries. Testament to the unforgiving neglect and […]

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on Jul, 19 · in Reviews


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