The Wild Goose Lake (China, 2019)

Hiding in the shadows of a bus shelter, career criminal Zhou (Hu Ge) meets the mysterious Liu Aiai (Gwei Lun-mei). He was expecting his wife. She insists she has come on her behalf. Across the […]

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on Apr, 09 · in Reviews

The Farewell (USA, 2019)

Billi (Awkwafina) is a struggling writer living in the USA. She learns from her parents that her “Nai Nai”, or paternal grandmother (Zhao Shuzen), has developed terminal cancer and has only a few months to […]

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Stammering Ballad (China, 2018)

Ga Song is a Chinese folk singer attempting to make a professional living as he tours province after province, from one city to the next, all the while desperately waiting for his one big chance […]

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Ne Zha (China, 2019)

Ne Zha has been one of the surprise box office hits of 2019. A computer-animated feature by first-time director Yang Yu (aka Jiaozi), it has broken box office records in its own country and even […]

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on Sep, 27 · in Reviews


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