Unlovable (USA, 2018) [CAAMFest 2018]

Joy (Charlene deGuzman) is an intimacy addict, struck with self esteem so low that no level of personal affection can satisfy her. After losing her job, her boyfriend and her apartment in one disastrous sequence […]

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on May, 21 · in Reviews

She Remembers, He Forgets (Hong Kong, 2015)

Gigi (Miriam Yeung) is a travel agent yearning to undertake more travel herself but is instead stuck in Hong Kong thanks to her workaholic architect husband Shing-Wah (Jan Lamb) – who may be cheating on […]

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on May, 07 · in Reviews

Please Remember Me (China, 2015) [CVF 2018]

Feng and Lou are an elderly Chinese couple living in a Shanghai apartment. They have been married for 46 years, with Lou steadfastly standing by her husband throughout all manner of struggles and challenges – […]

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on May, 02 · in Reviews

Going the Distance (Japan, 2016)

Asahi (Shinichiro Matsuura) is a boxing trainer. After growing up in an orphanage, he moved to Tokyo and now lives with his fiancée Kaori (Yumi Endo). When a boxing client named Kita (Nobu Morimoto) announces […]

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