Kuldesak (Indonesia, 1999) [Aperture 2019]

On the surface, Kuldesak might look like a mish-mash of Western pop culture references that have been forcefully re-appropriated to then-contemporary urban Indonesia. Helmed by first-time directors Nan Triveni Achnas, Mira Lesmana, Rizal Mantovani, and […]

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on Jun, 10 · in Reviews

Empty By Design (Philippines/USA, 2019) [CAAMFest 2019]

Empty By Design, the directorial debut of writer-producer Andrea A. Walter, is a tale of approximation between familiarity and difference. It tells the familiar story of coming home to a foreign land, but its two […]

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on May, 08 · in Reviews

Waiting for Sunset (Philippines, 2018) [SDAFF Spring Showcase 2019]

Waiting for Sunset, directed by Carlo Encino Catu, tells the story of marriage, or the failure of it. It follows an old unmarried couple, Teresa (Perla Bautista) and Celso (Menggie Cobarrubias), who are celebrating their […]

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on Apr, 20 · in Reviews

Eerie (Philippines, 2019)

Star Cinema’s Eerie, directed by Mikhail Red, is, no doubt, quite an addition to Filipino horror. It delivers what one expects from the genre reasonably well – scares, darkness, ghosts. But it suffers a little […]

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