A Step Forward (Japan, 2019)

Despite the growing discourse surrounding suicide, very few documentary films have approached the topic in the same way as Atsushi Kasezawa’s A Step Forward does. The film tries to balance out suicide as a phenomenon […]

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on Oct, 09 · in Reviews

Jam (Japan, 2018) [NYAFF 2019]

Jam is return to form for actor-director, Sabu. After some thematic and stylistic drift, which has seen him give light-hearted family drama a chance with Usagi Drop (2011) then try his hand at romantic comedy […]

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on Jul, 07 · in Reviews

Reason (India, 2018) [LIFF 2019]

Veteran Indian documentary filmmaker Anand Patwardhan takes on the case of the relatively recent political killings of rationalists in Reason. The film is clear in its voice and its form supplements its content. Much as […]

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on Jun, 19 · in Reviews

Kuldesak (Indonesia, 1999) [Aperture 2019]

On the surface, Kuldesak might look like a mish-mash of Western pop culture references that have been forcefully re-appropriated to then-contemporary urban Indonesia. Helmed by first-time directors Nan Triveni Achnas, Mira Lesmana, Rizal Mantovani, and […]

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