Zigeunerweisen (Japan, 1980) [JAPAN CUTS 2017]

Seijun Suzuki has been known for his over-the-top stylistic approach to gangster and yakuza films, most famously with his cult classics Tokyo Drifter (1966) and Branded to Kill (1967). His style, developed over the years […]

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Hengyoro (Queer Fish Lane) (Japan, 2017) [JAPAN CUTS 2017]

It is challenging to provide a summary for Queer Fish Lane. It is introduced as a work about travelling “chain-play” performers, Tarugani and Papajo, whose art is a fusion of film and theater. Later, it […]

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Neko Atsume House (Japan, 2017) [JAPAN CUTS 2017]

Initially, one of the challenges that Neko Atsume House seems to face is to how to make a movie from a video game that does not have much goal or narrative. The game from which […]

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Town in a Lake (Philippines, 2015) [NYAFF 2017]

One night, in the peaceful town of Matangtubig, Batangas, local fisherman Homil Ricarte (Amante Pulido) witnessed a scene at the bridge: two teenage female students were offered an escort home by a group of men. […]

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