On-Gaku: Our Sound (Japan, 2019) [JAPAN CUTS 2020]

Kenji Iwaisawa’s debut film, On-Gaku: Our Sound, responds positively to the youth-oriented, music-centered movie checklist. This animated adaptation of Hiroyuki Ohashi’s manga is lively, electric, infectious, and hopeful. What the film uniquely adds is a […]

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Honeygiver Among the Dogs (Bhutan, 2016)

Dechen Roder’s debut feature Honeygiver Among the Dogs is quite a unique film whose particular charm depends on its blend of seemingly incompatible approaches. Present in the film are enduring elements of neo noir (femme […]

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Shadowplay (Malaysia, 2019)

At first glance, Shadowplay is conceptually shambolic. Co-written and directed by Tony Pietra Arjuna, it takes a stylistic approach to noir which pushes the neon-drenched aesthetic of recent films by Nicolas Winding Refn down a […]

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Ip Man 4: The Finale (China/Hong Kong, 2019)

Ip Man 4: The Finale will give not just martial arts fans, but moviegoers in general, a treat. Director Wilson Yip has ended the series with a great sense of balance. While it delivers the […]

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