Get the Hell Out (Taiwan, 2020) [SDAFF 2020]

Wang I-Fan’s debut feature Get the Hell Out opens explosively and stylishly, like the entrance of a pro wrestling star in the arena. It promises chaos, blood and fun. The film delivers a sharp line […]

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on Nov, 13 · in Reviews

Genus Pan (Philippines, 2020) [SDAFF 2020]

Genus Pan is in the minority of Lav Diaz’ narratives. Diaz’ narratives are once infested by an enlightened intellectual, intruders or visitors like in Pasolini’s Teorema (1968), often talking down to people or spouting sophistries. […]

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on Oct, 20 · in Reviews

Death of Nintendo (Philippines/USA, 2020) [LAAPFF 2020]

How does it feel to come of age at the end of history? Set in the early days of Francis Fukuyama’s declaration, Death of Nintendo finds the end of history building up in the lives […]

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on Oct, 07 · in Reviews

They Say Nothing Stays the Same (Japan, 2019) [NYAFF 2020]

Troubled times require clarification, which often requires a troubled approach. Japanese cinema is not alien to attempts to make sense of trouble with trouble; of violence with violence. Written and directed by actor Joe Odagiri, […]

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on Sep, 03 · in Reviews


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