Life Finds a Way (Japan, 2018)

Although many of Japanese indie director Hirobumi Watanabe’s films have mixed his own experiences with the film protagonist’s world, his fifth feature is his most autobiographical to date. Life Finds a Way opens at a […]

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Sea of Revival (Japan, 2019) [Japan Foundation Film Tour 2020]

Ikuo (Shingo Katori) is working in Tokyo as a punter, but gets fired. He has a serious gambling problem, wasting all his money and time with a local pal at a velodrome, which irritates his […]

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Love Boat: Taiwan (Taiwan/USA, 2019) [Reel Asian 2019]

In 1967 Taiwan launched a summer exchange program for overseas second-generation Taiwanese and Chinese students. The six-week program introduced the participants to Mandarin language, Taiwanese culture, crafts and food, and took them around for sightseeing. […]

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The Observer (Italy, 2019)

The Beijing Independent Film Festival has been in trouble for some years, and recently downright banned with their office materials, DVDs and computers confiscated, and the festival staff questioned by the police numerous times. Rita […]

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