Love Contractually (China, 2017): Average is Useful

We ask a lot of questions when watching movies. Some can help us understand characters’ motivations, different ones could question where the story is going and sometimes we catch ourselves asking “When is it going […]

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Absurd Accident (China, 2017)

Making a debut feature is a difficult task. As a director, you have to persuade everyone that you are worthy of attention, particularly in a big industry like China’s. The pressure is tough because this […]

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A Taste of the 11th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival

There were a lot of great aspects to this year’s Five Flavours Asian Film Festival. Not only the exciting program but the festival itself had a unique atmosphere. Now in its 11th edition, Five Flavours […]

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The Sophisticated Shocks of Red to Kill (1994) [DCCFF 2017]

CAT III films are important part of Hong Kong cinema. CAT refers to the rating category and number three to the highest rating possible.[1] The discussion about these exploitation films is often built on hermeneutics. […]

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