A Pinch of the 12th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival

Polish cinema Muranów is one of those cosy cinemas where you can drink your coffee whilst waiting for a screening to start or afterwards when you feel like discussing your cinematic experience. And there were […]

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on Nov, 28 · in Features

Big Brother (Hong Kong, 2018) [SDAFF 2018]

It seems that Big Brother executive producer and star Donnie Yen constructed his newest Cantonese film with surgical precision, surrounding himself with such trusted past collaborators as producer Wong Jing of Chasing the Dragon (2017), […]

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on Nov, 10 · in Reviews

Men on the Dragon (Hong Kong, 2018) [SDAFF 2018]

Dragon Boat racing is a collective sport in which a group of people must paddle to the rhythm of a drummer on the bow. All the sportsmen are equally creating a synchronic movement therefore going […]

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on Nov, 06 · in Reviews

Love Contractually (China, 2017): Average is Useful

We ask a lot of questions when watching movies. Some can help us understand characters’ motivations, different ones could question where the story is going and sometimes we catch ourselves asking “When is it going […]

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on May, 07 · in Features


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