The Viper’s Hex (Australia, 2018)

The Viper’s Hex tells the story of Kiyo (Saya Minami), a prostitute who gets romantically involved with Anchin (Kenji Shimada), a young man from Australia who is on holiday in Japan with friends. Anchin breaks […]

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The Journalist (Japan, 2019) [JAPAN CUTS 2019]

Directed by Michihito Fujii and based on a book by Isoko Mochizuki, The Journalist stars Shim Eun-Kyung as Erika Yoshioka, a reporter for a Tokyo Newspaper, and the daughter of an esteemed freelance journalist. Erika […]

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The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale (South Korea, 2019) [NYAFF 2019]

The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale, is a horror comedy that takes place in a remote South Korean village which becomes the epicenter of a major zombie outbreak with the ‘help’ of an unwitting family. […]

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The Fatal Raid (Hong Kong, 2019) [NYAFF 2019]

The Fatal Raid brings back the “girls with guns” sub-genre of Asian action cinema with a bang. Jacky Lee’s film kicks off with a raid by Hong Kong police in Macao to take down a […]

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