Biotherapy (Japan, 1986)

Biotherapy is a horror/sci-fi shocker that clocks in just short of an hour. That’s right, short of an hour.  Because of the film’s truncated time, you know that a lot of things like characterization and […]

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The VCinema Show: A Conversation with GOLDEN SLUMBERS Director Davy Chou

Hey folks.  Busy January schedules have led to us not having the time to record a new episode of The VCinema Show.  However, fear not, because our own Adam Hartzell was able to catch up […]

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The VCinema Show: December 2012

Welcome to the holiday, new year, congrats-you-survived-the-apocalypse edition of The VCinema Show, your favorite podcast about Asian media and culture. In this episode: 00:00:00 – 00:19:45 Adam and Jon intro the show, talk about the […]

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Happy New Year from VCinema!

Happy New Year from the VCinema Crew!

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