Best Director (China, 2019)

Zhang Xian’s feature debut Best Director tells the story of a young Beijing-based director (Jin Jingcheng) who visits his hometown with his fiancé (Jiang Chuyi) to seek the blessing of his parents for a travel wedding. Things […]

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on May, 22 · in Reviews

Changfeng Town (China, 2019)

Inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Macondo town in his novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, Changfeng Town manifests from the nostalgic imagination of Wang Jing, the writer/editor/director of the film with the same title. Wang’s […]

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on Apr, 25 · in Reviews

Summer is the Coldest Season (China, 2019)

Zhou Sun’s debut feature Summer is the Coldest Season is a coming-of-age drama about a thirteen-year-old girl who lives with the memory of her deceased mother and the shadow of her loser father. In nonlinear […]

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Lucky Grandma (USA, 2019) [Reel Asian 2019]

Arriving amidst the much hyped recent wave of Hollywood Asian films after 2018’s breakthrough success Crazy Rich Asians, Sasie Sealy’s feature debut Lucky Grandma is an authentic story of an 80-year-old Chinese-American grandma whose luck […]

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