Babysplitters (USA, 2019) [CAAMFest 2019]

Babysplitters takes the term “co-parenting” to a whole new level. When married couple Jeff and Sarah Penaras (Danny Pudi and Emily Chang) face the classic argument of whether or not they should have a baby, […]

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on May, 13 · in Reviews

Follow Me Shorts [CAAMFest 2019]

In the era of social media, everything is defined by how many likes we get for our selfies or how much we can ‘contribute’ in an online forum. Aptly talking about contemporary problems of modern […]

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on May, 09 · in Reviews

Altered States Shorts [CAAMFest 2019]

For one of its short film programs this year, CAAMFest has put together a fantastic selection that will blow your mind. Athena Han’s Bunny Man (Canada, 2018) is an 8-minutes short about four friends having […]

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on May, 07 · in Reviews

Aruna & Her Palate (Indonesia, 2018) [SDAFF Spring Showcase 2019]

If you want to see a feel-good movie, Aruna and Her Palate is a good choice. Raising the themes of love, friendship, and food, this movie is packed with eye-pleasing cinematography and familiar urban protagonists. […]

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on Apr, 12 · in Reviews


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