Monsoon (UK, 2019)

As the title suggests, Monsoon is a film about struggle and change, both in the weather and landscape of this Vietnam-set film and inside the mind of the main character Kit, played brilliantly by Henry […]

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on Oct, 11 · in Reviews

Abracadabra (Indonesia, 2019) [NYAFF 2020]

Faozan Rizal is one of the most prominent Indonesian cinematographers. This is why in his directorial feature Abracadabra, Rizal emphasizes the beauty of its cinematographic techniques. Telling the story of a magician named Lukman (Reza […]

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on Sep, 05 · in Reviews

Labyrinth of Cinema (Japan, 2019) [JAPAN CUTS 2020]

Nobuhiko Obayashi’s final opus Labyrinth of Cinema takes us on a journey of Japanese cinematic history and literature, especially during the early Showa period until the end of World War II. As the title suggests, […]

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on Jul, 20 · in Reviews

This Shaking Keeps Me Steady (Pakistan/USA, 2018)

What do people who deal with death in their daily lives dream about? Shehrezad Maher explores the answer to this question in her documentary This Shaking Keeps Me Steady. She takes us on a roller […]

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