Thicker Than Water (Japan, 2018) [JAPAN CUTS 2018]

Keisuke Yoshida’s feature Thicker Than Water is a delightful, dramatic, and relatable film – even for this reviewer, an only child. Kazunari (Masataka Kubota) is a salesman for a printing company whose brother, Takuji (Hirofumi […]

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on Jul, 27 · in Reviews

Tremble All You Want (Japan, 2017) [JAPAN CUTS 2018]

Adapted from Risa Wataya’s novel, director Akiko Ohku’s feature Tremble All You Want is an offbeat film that subverts traditional romantic comedy conventions, featuring a protagonist who is as frustrating as she is endearing. Yoshika […]

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on Jul, 24 · in Reviews

I Can Speak (South Korea, 2017) [NYAFF 2018]

Kim Hyun-seok’s heart-wrenching and thought-provoking feature I Can Speak begins as a comedy and ends as a drama that will leave audiences thinking about the role of collective memory, trauma, and historical revisionism. Thirty-three year […]

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After My Death (South Korea, 2017) [NYAFF 2018]

“Your long awaited friend has returned today,” declares a teacher to his class. “Was that your seat, Young-hee? Go sit.” Instead, high schooler Young-hee (Jeon Yeo-bin), “decapitated” with only her body visible in the frame, […]

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