Miss Baek (South Korea, 2018) [NYAFF Winter Showcase 2019]

Director Lee Ji-won’s first feature, Miss Baek, follows a child abuse survivor who comes out of the shadows to help an abused little girl. Women are at the center of this story about power, motherhood, […]

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on Jan, 30 · in Reviews

Blindly in Love (Japan, 2013) [Japan Foundation Film Tour 2019]

Blindly in Love is a sensitive, understated commentary on not only the relationship between a young couple, but also the relationship between parents and children—and the tensions, obligations, joys, and sorrows that come with such […]

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High Flash (Taiwan, 2018) [Reel Asian 2018]

Traditional drums thunder as local fishermen in a small Taiwanese fishing village protest against the encroachment of a petrochemical plant on their livelihood and community. Suddenly, a boat—engulfed in flames—races towards the chaotic scene. A […]

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To Kill Alice (South Korea, 2017) [SDAFF 2018]

Where is the line between the free speech of a progressive society and the fighting words that could lead to political destabilization? Kim Sang-kyu’s documentary To Kill Alice chronicles the fallout that occurs when South […]

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