Next Goal Wins (American Samoa/UK, 2014)

The sports film or documentary of the losing athlete, the losing team, is a genre within itself. We can’t all be winners and we often reveal more about ourselves in how we lose. How we ...

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on Apr, 19 · in Reviews

Interview – Director Roseanne Liang and the Flat3 Three

I was delighted to hear that Roseanne Liang’s New Zealand web series Flat3 would be coming to San Francisco’s CAAMFest 2014 (and, yes, the official title of Flat3 has no space between the word and the number). A web series ...

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Passionate Friendship: The Aesthetics of Girls’ Culture in Japan (2012)

Much is made by the casual anime viewer of the ‘big eyes’ of some anime characters.  The sociological shorthand for this has been to claim it’s a desire for ‘Western eyes’ by Japanese.  Those who ...

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Goldfish Go Home (Japan, 2012)

When we say ‘children’s film’, we often imply that it’s not for adults. But we also know that many children’s films have a tone and sensibility that can reach adults as well. I can’t say ...

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