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Asian Exposure: East Asian Cinema in a Global Context Symposium

Note: Godzilla will NOT be in attendance

Last week, we reported on the East Winds Film Festival, staged by our friends at Third Window Films and the Coventry University East Asian Film Society (CUEAFS), as a good event for watching Asian films.  This time, we are reporting on a good event to learn about them. Asian Exposure: East Asian Cinema in a Global Context is a two-day academic symposium held in conjunction with the East Winds Film Festival.  The symposium will be held on February 11th and 12th at the Coventry University is co-organized by CUEAFS founder Spencer Murphy of Coventry University, Dr. John Berra of Nanjing University (you might also know John from his writing here on VCinema), and Dr. Colette Balmain of Coventry and Kingston Universities.  Regions of film study include Japan, Korea, China/Hong Kong and topics covered range from Asian film journalism, auteurism, transnationalism in film, and others.  Keynote speakers include Midnight Eye and Zipangu Fest head Jasper Sharp,  Dr. Ian Conrich of University of Essex, and Dr. Daniel Martin of Queen’s University Belfast.

When I talked to John about the general considerations that went into the chosen topics, he replied:

“The topics for the symposium were chosen based on both aspects of East Asian Cinema that are currently receiving considerable academic attention, and areas that we felt have been so far overlooked by forums of this nature. One of the aims of the event is to establish a network for research by bringing together not only internationally established academics, but also credible journalists and noted independent scholars. Therefore, the call for papers sought to encourage diversity by suggesting a range of enquries related to the cinemas of China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, with equal consideration being given to such topics as auteur theory, genre study, social identity, transnational narratives and the industrial practises of production and distribution. We have been delighted with the response to the CFP and the papers that will be delivered at the symposium promise to provide the foundations for future cooperation and research at international level.”

Visit the symposium page on the CUEAFS site for more information.

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  1. bunta
    8 February, 2011

    I was only going to go if “G-Money” (aka Gojira) was going to be there. 🙁

    • Coffin Jon
      9 February, 2011

      The last time “G-Money” was there, he ate half of the academic panel, so he wasn’t invited this time.

  2. Japan Flix
    11 February, 2011

    It’s too bad. He really ate the wrong side of the panel…

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