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Akino Kondoh Animation Selected For Guggenheim Display

Let’s face it, high art is not something that will commonly get mentioned here.  Not that we’re uncultured people here (lowers the volume on the Suicidal Tendencies album playing in the background), but rather because much of what we cover here won’t get but an occasional nod from the Academy, some prominent film festivals, or “Top 10 Quirky Asian Films” list in a magazine or newspaper.

That’s why when ‘one of us’ does get the nod, it’s a reason to celebrate.  So, with that said, VCinema is proud to give a big congratulations to animator and friend Akino Kondoh whose video short “Ladybird’s Requiem (Digest Version)” was chosen out of thousands of entries to be included, along with twenty four other selections, in a special “YouTube Play” display at the Guggenheim MuseumThe display is being presented at all of the Guggenheim locations (New York, Berlin, Venice, and Bilbao) from October 22nd-24th and meant to acknowledge the impact that online video has made in the realm of the visual arts.

As some may know, I had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with Akino this past summer at the Shinsedai Cinema Festival as well as seeing the extended version of this short.  Considering the amount of time spent on this work, which is completely hand drawn and animated, this acknowledgment is well deserved and I’m sure won’t be the last for such a creative person with a singular vision.  Congratulations, Akino!

To those able to check out the display, send us a report or some pictures.  For those who can’t, enjoy Akino’s video below and check out her site.

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