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Preview – The Story of China: SACU Talk by Professor Michael Wood, London, March 15, 2019

Historian and broadcaster Michael Wood will give a talk on at EY’s (Ernst & Young) London offices on March 15. Illustrated with film clips, he will reflect on some of the themes in his recent […]

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on Feb, 22 · in News

Who Killed Cock Robin (Taiwan, 2017)

In a country eleven times smaller than the state of California, intertwining narratives are likely to be more commonplace in Taiwan than its neighbours, perhaps even inescapable. Though the odds of life-changing and eye-opening events […]

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on Feb, 19 · in Reviews

Call for Papers – Eyes Unclouded: The Films of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, May 8, 2019, Lewes Depot Cinema, Lewes, UK

University of Sussex and the Lewes Depot Cinema present the 2019 Contemporary Directors Symposium. Hayao Miyazaki is an unusual figure. Only Walt Disney rivals him in for closeness of his association with the studio he […]

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on Feb, 15

Red Flowers and Green Leaves (China, 2018)

Liu Miaomiao and Hu Weijie’s Red Flowers and Green Leaves treats a complicated matter in a simplified way. While being a story about marriage, the film only explicitly follows one side of the story: it […]

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on Feb, 14

The Foolish Bird (China, 2017)

Set against the backdrop of contemporary China’s technocratic and dissimulated culture industry, Huang Ji and Ryuji Otsuka’s contemplatively paced film The Foolish Bird articulates a moral gaze towards China’s disgruntled and alienated youth, a sector […]

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on Feb, 13

West North West (Japan, 2015)

Outsider stories deserve an outsider means of expression; to constrict such stories to the realm of traditional narratives or storytelling is to deny them their right to manifest properly. Next to surrealist and non-narrative cinema, […]

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on Feb, 12



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