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Bashu, the Little Stranger (Iran, 1989)

After the screening of his seminal work of Iranian and world cinema at the UCLA Film and TV Archive, Bashu, the Little Stranger, Iranian filmmaker Bahram Beyzaie explained that the film, although spoken in two […]

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on May, 27 · in Reviews

Interview with Kohei Takayama [OAFF 2018]

Kohei Takayama was born in Chiba prefecture in 1987. After graduating from Waseda University, he began making indie films such as Ni naru (2015) and Kudaranai kudaranai kono sekai (2016). He was at the Osaka […]

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on May, 24 · in Interviews

Across the Border Cu-Bop (Japan, 2018)

Across the Border Cu-Bop is the debut film of director Shinichi Takahashi, and while the mashup between a Japanese director and Cuban jazz may be a strange combination to some, he’s carrying on a long […]

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on May, 23

Unlovable (USA, 2018) [CAAMFest 2018]

Joy (Charlene deGuzman) is an intimacy addict, struck with self esteem so low that no level of personal affection can satisfy her. After losing her job, her boyfriend and her apartment in one disastrous sequence […]

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on May, 21

Interview with the Director and Stars of Bad Poetry Tokyo [OAFF 2018]

Bad Poetry Tokyo is the debut feature from Anshul Chauhan, an animator turned indie film director. Born in India in 1986, Anshul’s main job is working as an animator in Japan. His career stretches back […]

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on May, 20

Running in Madness, Dying in Love (Japan, 1969)

Koji Wakamatsu’s erotic road movie Running in Madness, Dying in Love starts with a black-and-white montage of a protest rally at Shinjuku, where demonstrators are violently clashing with the police due to the renewal of […]

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on May, 18



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