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Kickstart This – The Depth of Yagen by Shigeru Okada

The Depth of Yagen, a stop-motion indie horror film by animator and author Shigeru Okada, is currently raising funds through Kickstarter. It promises to be something unique due to the style of animation and the […]

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on Apr, 21 · in Features

Waiting for Sunset (Philippines, 2018) [SDAFF Spring Showcase 2019]

Waiting for Sunset, directed by Carlo Encino Catu, tells the story of marriage, or the failure of it. It follows an old unmarried couple, Teresa (Perla Bautista) and Celso (Menggie Cobarrubias), who are celebrating their […]

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on Apr, 20 · in Reviews

Maggie (South Korea, 2018) [OAFF 2019]

Winner of the Osaka Asian Film Festival 2019’s Grand Prix (Best Picture Award) as well as the Busan International Film Festival 2018’s CGV Art House Award and Citizens’ Critic Award, Maggie heralds a new directing […]

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on Apr, 16

Ode to the Goose (South Korea, 2018)

After spending most of his directorial career focusing on the lives of Koreans living in China, as well as questioning the Korean identity, Zhang Lu redirected his attention and energy to a different sort of […]

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on Apr, 15

Aruna & Her Palate (Indonesia, 2018) [SDAFF Spring Showcase 2019]

If you want to see a feel-good movie, Aruna and Her Palate is a good choice. Raising the themes of love, friendship, and food, this movie is packed with eye-pleasing cinematography and familiar urban protagonists. […]

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on Apr, 12

Go Back to China (USA, 2019) [SDAFF Spring Showcase 2019]

For her second feature, Go Back to China, writer/director Emily Ting delivers a lighthearted family drama that attempts to comment on the dynamics of a toxic father-daughter relationship, as well as on the elusive morality […]

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on Apr, 12



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